About us

We are a team of versatile technologists and entrepeneurs, with 20+ years experience, intent on helping start-ups and small to medium sized companies implement and manage their complete IT infrastructure and environment.

Our founder, Theo, has vast IT experience in a multitude of roles and over many varied and interesting projects, in sometimes tough and inhospitable environments, e.g. building networks on ships (whilst off-shore) and underground in mines.

SENAT was started as there was a clear gap in the market to help small to medium sized companies and start-ups to reduce the complexity of IT by consolidating services and providing access to vastly experienced IT practitioners as needed.

As an IT aggregator and advisor, our clients enjoy a single point of contact for complete and tailored IT solutions.


Our purpose is to enable start-ups and Small to Medium Enterprises (SME's) to leverage IT to facilitate their growth and be the best that they can be.

The Challenge

Small to medium sized businesses are not comfortable with sourcing ICT (Information and Communication Technology) staff or infrastructure. They are often confused by the various technologies that are available and do not fully understand the implications of combining / separating technologies, causing them to lose the benefit of the value proposition that ICT solutions can offer.

Businesses need to focus on their core strategies / products and services and do not have the time, knowledge or funds to invest in in-house ICT resources. Businesses that try to manage their own ICT infrastructure do not necessarily understand the risks associated when implementing solutions thus ending up with disconnected, problematic solutions.

We have found that customers could be dealing with almost 16 different service providers and understand the frustrations that these types of engagements can cause.

The Solution

We provide a platform where businesses can engage with ICT professionals who are multi-skilled, in multiple ICT technologies and disciplines.

As we journey with our customers, we build rapport and become trusted advisors. Acting as the aggregator, for all things ICT, allows our customers to have a single point of contact.

This reduces the number of providers or vendors they need to engage with and allows for the streamlining of business processes and accounting functions.


Our approach to technology is inclusive and as evolving technologies come to market, we believe that agility and diversity are key components to consider when servicing our customers.

This allows for potential integration of future products or services they would be interested in.

Some preference is given to known name brands but we consider new technologies which would allow experience and productivity improvements.

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